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Advertising online is key to connecting with today’s consumers. Like any other advertising avenue, knowing the number of audiences you have reached is vital to advertising decisions.
Together with Wifi management and monitoring, CableIT offers a leading-edge and exclusive ad placement platform for managing advertising campaigns on landing pages at wifi hotspots. Furthermore, our ad traffic measurement tools will provide you with strategic insights on the performance of your advertising campaign empowering you with geotargeting opportunities.

AdsIT is a unique platform that provides simplified, easy-to-read graphical reports on wifi traffic at hotspot locations. Take advantage of the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly on-demand reports to determine the number of audience your advertisement has reached.
Our growing number of clients in the advertising industry have successfully used this information to reach a wider clientele by providing flexible and tiered ad placement pricing based on wifi user traffic.

Join the growing number of successful ad campaign agencies that choose CableIT’s revolutionary ad placement platform to advertise on the modern-day billboard and take advantage of our traffic reporting tools to strategize your ad campaign successfully.

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